Culture vs. Biology

As far as my basic knowledge of biology and human genetics permits me, I can assert that I am the product of two cells, one cell from my mother and the other from my father. The fusion between my mother’s egg cell and my father’s sperm cell made a ‘zygote’ me. There is no evidence […]

Fairness vs Little Girls

How do I tell my little sisters that they don’t have to be fair to be pretty? Two little cousins, living in two different parts of the country Same age, very similar schooling Same problem Fairness Fairness in skin Problem? Issue? Flaw? One is dark-skinned, the other tan At the age of 10 Whitening powders […]

इज्जत लुटिएको महिला

नेपालमा अहिलेसम्म कैयौ बलत्कारका घटनाहरु पत्रपत्रिका छापिए, समाचारमा आए | १३ वर्षका बालिकादेखि लिएर ८६ वर्षका महिलाहरु येस्ता अमानविय घटनाका शिकार बनेका छन्‌. घर–घरमा आमा बुवाको त्रास बढ्दो छ |  बिहानको पत्रिका पढ्दै आमा भन्नुहुन्छ, “हेर त, हिजो अर्को महिलाको इज्जत लुटिएछ |” इज्जत लुटिएको महिला भनि हाम्रो समाजले बलात्क्रित महिलालाइ जनाउछ | येस्तो सम्बोधन […]

Manusmriti and Menstruation

The article is based upon the literal English translation of Manusmriti: The Laws of Manu by G. Buhler. I asked, ‘Why?’ They said, ‘Because they said so.’ Red. Red. The archetypal ‘they’ argue that Menstrual Exclusion was a way to provide women with a much-needed monthly rest, given that she would often single-handedly cook and […]

The Untouchables

Red. red. Red. The color crimson of the concoction of grains of rice and yogurt adorns the forehead of the Nepali community every Dashain. As this Dashain passes by, I raise a few hushed questions harping the color ‘red’. The time has come to honor the red, the color of our flag, the color of […]

Boy-child and me.

This Dashain, if anyone asks you whether you’ve got a ‘brother’ or not, or if someone gives your parents blessings to get a ‘son’, smile at them and ask, ‘Am I not enough?’ Red. She is born. No no, it isn’t an easy race. The fusion of two X chromosomes in the womb of a […]


Period. Why does a woman in Nepali society have to announce her biological condition to the entire family? Why can she not decide for herself? Why is her privacy a matter of concern for the family? Period.


Her vagina is capable of magnificent artworks of life; it deserves a lot of admiration, not the burden of ‘prestige’. How is a woman’s virginity the pride of a family?

Disguise under a lipstick.

My lips. Nude lips. A little dark at the edges. Thin lips. Stares. Stares. A lot of stares. I quiver. Lipstick. Red. Pink. Maroon. Lipstick. Put on that lipstick. No. No. Not to look pretty. Not to add color. Color to the drained face. Drained by the stares. Lipstick. Lipstick to hide. Lipstick to divert. […]