For a really long time, I’ve despised my physical body. I hated it. I covered myself in baggy clothes making sure my body wasn’t visible. Everyone said I was fat and I believed I was. By the end of the first semester at university, I had gained a lot of weight. And when I came back home, everyone, literally every single person I met would instantly comment on my weight. They didn’t care how I’d grown as a person. Their first comment would be, “Oh you’ve gained a lot of weight.” And yes I had but I wish they wanted to know more about how much knowledge I’d gained instead. Hence I went on a strict diet and lost quite a bit of weight.

That made me reflect back on myself during school and high school days. And guess what, I was never fat. I was in the most perfect shape anyone could be. Yet. Yet I was made to believe that I was fat, only leading me to be more and more self-loathing.

But you know what, I’m still gaining weight and I don’t care. I love my body at this point, it’s fucking gorgeous. I feel confident as hell. And I’m not taking anyone’s shit anymore.
So fam, define yourself by your own terms. 
Lots of love. ♥️